Saturday, November 30, 2013

All Subjects: As long a you learn from failure...

I just gave a math test to my students that I thought for sure they would do well on.  In fact I still can't believe that the class average was less than 65%.  I asked myself, "Is this because I failed to teach the content correctly? or Is it because they failed to learn the concept correctly?"  I have been contemplating this all weekend and came across a Youtube video that helped put me at ease and one that I will show my students tomorrow.

Subject: All Subjects (Motivational)
Grade Level:  All Grade Levels
Length:  1:03

Math: Sing the Slope Intercept Form song

Here is a very catch toon for those students who are trying to learn about the slope intercept form "y=mx + b".  This video was created by a teacher and her math students.  Trust me when I say that the formula will stick in their brain after listening to it.  The song is sung to the music of the Village Peoples "YMCA" toon. 

Subject:  Math
Grade Level:  8-12
Length:  4:33


Friday, November 29, 2013

Math: Mental math gone wrong on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

How well can you or your students complete a simple mental math question under pressure?  This video show a young woman lose out on the first round of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, because she couldn't calculate a simple division or multiplication questions.  May be this is all something we should practice more.

 Subject:  Math
Grade Level:  3-12
Length:  3:00


Math: A display of how not understanding math can cost you MONEY.

This video clip shows a young man lose $15,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, because he didn't understand a simple question.  I thought this would be a fun video to show my students as we are studying squared numbers.  I had my students watch to begin with and give their best answer.  Then as the young man asks for the audiences' help I had them possibly revise their answer.  Because he didn't understand the concepts of squares he ended up going with the audience's choice and lost $15,000 bucks.

 Subject:  Math
Grade Level:  6-12
Length:  2:39


Math: Function Machine

This video demonstrates how functions work in regards to an input output machine.  They demonstrate some real world scenarios with food and how food is processed.  Each section of the video demonstrates a little more of how functions work as the equation becomes more difficult. 

 Subject:  Math
Grade Level:  6-10
Length:  7:06


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Math: 3rd Graders learn about clocks

This video from Brain Tofu, is a song that teaches younger children how to use clocks and what each part of the clock is and does.

Subject:  Math
Grade Level:  K-3
Length:  2:02