Ed Video Sites

  1. Exploratorium
    • A wide variety of science videos.
  2. Science Hack
    • Categorized scientific videos from Youtube.
  3. Next Vista
    • A categorized collection of videos from a wide range of subjects.
  4. Academic Earth
    • Lectures from major universities.
  5. LearnersTV
    • Learn just about anything on this channel.  It also contains some really neat animations.  Mostly a channel for university lectures.
  6. Untamed Science
    • All about nature.
  7. Documentary Heaven
    • This is a list of hundreds of full featured documentaries.
  8. Documenteryz
    • Another website that has some very detailed documentaries in a variety of subjects.
  9. PBS
    • Full length videos from PBS.
  10. ITV Wild
    • Videos about wildlife animals.
  11. Explania
    • Educational animations
  12. Explore.org
    • A collection of wildlife cams and videos.
  13. MathTV
    • Math videos
  14. SPR Word
    • Contains many categorized full feature documentaries.
  15. Top Documentary Films
    • Another site full of categorized documentaries.
  16. TPT
    • Scientific videos.
  17. Sumanas
    • Great place for educational animations about life science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Environmental science, and Statistics.
  18. Science 360
    • This video site specializes in creating specific videos in areas such as sports, green energy, and the planet.  They are extremely well done and informative.  Students would love the physics behind the sports section.
  19. EdTed
    • TED has now come out with classes based upon videos found on youtube and other locations.  The nice thing about this site is that you can customize the questions and the class to fit your needs as a teacher.  This has the potential to be an excellent resource for teachers who use video in the classroom.
  20. CognitiveMedia
    • A new style of educational videos is popping up all over the web.  CognitiveMedia is one of these.  They specialize in taking educational talks and ideas and then drawing pictures based on the subject to make it easier to learn the material.
  21. Wonderopolis
    • This is a pretty cool video site that answers unique questions everyday.  If you look of to the right and down a little bit you come to the category section.  This is the easiest way to find a particular video.

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